Helicobacter pylori


Hello there! Wonderful effort with this DB.
I’m working on Helicobacter pylori. Any chance the genome of H. pylori becomes available in this DB? I’ve registered for updates.

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Hi! Yes, no problem. Do who work with
Helicobacter pylori 26695 from NCBI ? or you need another assembly?

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Great! Is it possible to have multiple strains of H. pylori ? I’m working on 26695 and India7 strains.

Great! Thanks! Is it possible to have multiple strains of H. pylori? I’m working on 26695 as well as India7, both from NCBI.

Hi! yes, no problem. I takes a few days to process the structurome, but I let you know I soon as it’s done.

Sure! Great! Thank you!

Hi! Any update so far?

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